Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OH Alex!!!!

Which of the following did Alex do this weekend?

A. Cut her hair.

B. Spraypaint the front of our new house white.

C. Put roasted pork in her brother's boxing gloves.

D. Draw large hearts in blue ink on the seats of my car.

E. Flooded the bathroom.

F. All of the above.

Answer: F
It is a good thing she is very cute because that saved her life this weekend.
When asked why she did these things her answer "How did you know it was me?"


Amber said...

You. Are. Kidding me. I'll have to watch her and Hadley more closely. Especially when hazardous materials are involved. :-)

Amy in Arizona said...

Oh my gosh Lisa!! I think you deserve a weekend at a spa after that!!